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About Us

We started our Corra romantic or online dating background screening division because we saw the other date checking sites were treating you with the same intimacy you get from the clerk at the DMV.

We are two guys with more than twenty years experience in investigation and research. We have seen all sorts of scams, and we have heard a lot of stories about single women getting swindled out of their property and money. It ain’t pretty. You can be smart and successful but when it comes to love…oh brother.

We have seen our single women friends argue a great case in court, or negotiate multi-million dollar deals. Then take off on six hour plane rides on the if-come he is Mister Right. They go with their gut and a few email exchanges. You know what the return flight is like. You might have been on it.

All right, so we might be a little jaded. But look at us like your protective big brothers. Guys you can talk to. We know the dating game. We were the cool kids in high school. Now we want to even up the playing field. Instead of relying only on your girlfriends, we will empower you with knowledge and facts.

Notice how most other singles dating background sites are cold and all business. You can’t tell if you are checking out a lover or buying a cell phone. Ask questions, and you probably get an outsourced phone bank from Timbuktu. Call Corra singles dating screening service, and we’ll give you answers.

We run Corra online dating background checks to help prevent you from ending up as one more statistic.

You have one heart. Use it wisely.

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